The world’s only PleasureAir stimulator. A revolutionary intimate product for the modern age.

Move over Clooney. This is the Womanizer ladies are dreaming of now!

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Seriously, if I could gift every woman in the world with one toy, it would be this one. Of all the toys in my collection, this is my go to, no fail, old reliable, gets me every time, orgasms on demand must-have item.

A clitoral suction toy that boasts orgasms in less than 5 minutes!! What?!

Seriously, its true! Really they could say multiple orgasms in less than 5 minutes. Women have approximately 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris and The Womanizer feels like its making out with all of them!!

The original Womanizer was groundbreaking. And just when I thought this toy couldn’t get any better, they came out with the Womanizer Pro. With easier handling and controls and more powerful functions, this little gem is going to be your clitoris’ best friend. This toy gives some of the most insane & powerful orgasms of anything on the market. It also has been known to help women squirt from the intense yet touchless stimulation.

Too busy for Orgasms? Not anymore. I mean really. Take 5 minutes and put a smile (or “smiles”) on your face. It will make your day better.

And men if you are looking for a gift that’s sure to please, something that is unlike anything else she owns, this is it! She will thank you over and over and over again. And then you can thank me later.

Grace – Velvet Box Manager

It is rechargeable, has a two-year warranty and comes in several styles and colors.

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY makes it possible to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact, thus avoiding overstimulation and hypersensitivity.