What is a Massage Candle?

Who wouldn’t love a warm and sensual massage without feeling like you fell in a vat of lube, without everything sticking to your hands and/or body? And who can get this stuff off? You want to take a break from the massage to run and wash your hands? Talk about a mood killer.


I guess giving your partner a sensual massage like this is an option? However, not only is this highly ineffective but unless you have a spoon fetish or something similar, this is not remotely sexy. But, there is an alternative. Massage Candles.


Massage candles are lightly scented candles made from things you would normally find in moisturizers such as Shea butter, vitamin E, Aloe Vera and other essential oils.


Not into hot wax or being burned? Don’t worry, these are not wax and only burn at about 80 degrees so they wont burn you or your partner. They last forever and can burn up to 32 hours. They are fantastic for massage, leaving no sticky residue, no sheets stained and silky soft skin for days. You can even use these as a moisturizer and treat yourself after your shower or bath.

Alone or paired in combination with a blindfold or restraints these candles can be one of the most erotic weapons in your sex arsenal. However I will warn you these candles are so good that they become highly addictive leading customers to buy 2 even 3 at a time. We have you covered!

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