Get In Sync


Cheaper Than Couple’s Counseling

The #1 selling couples toy in the world just got even better. I know, we didn’t think it was possible either; I mean this toy is better than sliced bread! But We-Vibe heard your suggestions, that the famous toy be adjustable to fit everybody’s body, and ran with it.

The We-Vibe Sync has all the incredible features that you have come to love from the We-Vibe brand with TWO new amazing additions! Not only can you still turn it on from across the room with the remote or turn it on across the world with the app. Now you can sync your We-Vibe toy to your MUSIC! That’s right you read that correctly. WITH YOUR MUSIC! Now you can really get it on with Marvin Gaye. Your partner can also control it by speaking into the app or drawing on the screen in touch mode. You can also safely video chat and sext inside the app. This is gonna take your phone sex game to legendary status.


Traditionally this toy was invented to give women the constant clitoral stimulation that we crave during sex, without having to wedge your arm between the two of you. However, with the introduction of the app this toy has some even more pleasurable possibilities.

Download the app and wear it like a panty vibe under your clothes. Your partner is making you squirm with every touch of the screen.

ProTip: Ladies wear this while going down on him. Give him the controls. This not only feels amazing but it can trick your brain into forgetting about that pesky gag reflex. Let this blow you while you blow him.