Velvet Box Feature Story 360 West Magazine

Marcelle LeBlanc and Celeste Holbrook pose in store for 360 West Magazine

Photo Credit | Jill Johnson

We are thrilled to share that Velvet Box’s founder and CEO, Marcelle LeBlanc, and resident sexologist, Dr. Celeste Holbrook, were featured in the January 2024 edition of 360 West magazine. Their partnership is centered around creating judgment-free sex education resources for Velvet Box patrons.

The article, written by editor Scott Nishimura, spotlights their collaborative approach to developing critical tools. These allow couples to have an open dialogue about sex and pleasure. The duo is redefining sex education as we know it while reinventing an industry that society has deemed as “taboo”. These education resources go beyond the basics, they cover topics for various needs and desires that are often overlooked. They also provide critical tools to help individuals and couples alike connect with themselves and one another.

LeBlanc and Holbrook believe that education is an important key to a great sex life, and everyone deserves connection and excitement. Thank you to 360 West for shining a spotlight on their important work.

You can read the full article from 360 West here.

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