Top 4 Types of Lube – And Why You Need Them All!

Honey, put down that drug store lube and join us in the land of the silky, slippery, high quality lubricant. You may be thinking: “wait, there’s more than one type of lube?” Oh yes indeed. Depending on what you’re putting where and for how long, as well as what sensation you’re going for, there’s a lube for everyone, and here’s an introduction. Come on into one of our stores to test them out, ask us anything, and leave excited to try something new! Or, shop online in the privacy of your own home. Your new favorite lube awaits.

First, why use lubricant?

  • Vaginal lubrication cannot be counted on to show up right on cue. It’s a myth that natural vaginal lubrication is a reliable indicator of the level of arousal.
  • Use lubricant around the genitals, between thighs, and anywhere else for less friction and a more sensual experience.
  • If a partner is well endowed or a toy is on the larger side, lubricant will make the experience more pleasant.
  • Condoms can be absorbent. This can cause dryness and uncomfortable friction. Adding a drop of condom-compatible lubricant to the inside and outside of the condom can enhance pleasure for both partners.
  • Many sex toys can absorb moisture during ordinary use. Lubricant will definitely make play time with all your sex toys more fun.
  • Flavored lubricant can enhance foreplay.
  • Healthy anal penetration of any sort requires lubricant because the rectum does not produce its own lubricant.
  • Spit is not lubricant! Saliva may work for a few seconds before it dissipates but no one is hydrated enough to produce the amount of saliva needed for truly satisfying sex.

Water-Based Lube

What you need to know

  • Water-based lubricant makes up the majority of lubricant available on the market. Most water-based lubricants contain purified water, glycerin (provides slipperiness), preservatives and occasionally artificial flavoring.
  • All water-based lubricants become sticky because the water portion of the lubricant has been absorbed by the body or evaporates. You can rehydrate the skin as lubricant starts to dry by keeping a small water bottle nearby. A cool mist of water helps to reactivate the lubricant and also feels great. The mist can be quite sensual and to the overall experience.
  • Why not KY? Lubricants designed specifically with sex in mind last longer than jelly lubricants produced by the medical industry, which are made for slipping in a rectal thermometer.
  • Water based lubricants are safe with all sex toys and are condom compatible.


  • Latex safe
  • Compatible with all toys
  • Does not stain
  • Washes away with water


  • Can get a little sticky after use
  • Dries out faster than other lube bases
  • May cause irritation to those with sensitive skin

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Silicone-Based Lube

What you need to know

Silicone-based lubricant lasts far longer than the average sexual encounter and is latex safe. Silicone lubricant does not get absorbed into the skin. It’s composed of molecules larger than those of water, and those molecules skate on top of the skin, creating a layer of slickness second to none. Because silicone lubricant does not contain water, it virtually never dries out and is great for water play. Warm water and soap work best for clean-up. If used internally, the body will eliminate it by natural means.

Silicone lubricant is NOT compatible with most sex toys. When the two touch, a chemical change occurs, rendering the toy eternally gummy. Take care not to get silicone lubricant on sheets/fabric, as it will stain.


  • Long lasting 
  • Never sticky
  • No taste
  • Safe for latex
  • Good for water play, just put it on before you get wet.


  • NOT compatible with most sex toys
  • Stains fabric
  • Requires soap and water to clean off

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Hybrid Lube

What you need to know

Hybrids are water-based lubricant fortified with silicone, so it delivers longer lasting moisture than the average water-based formula. Hybrid lubricant will wash away easily with warm water and won’t stain your sheets. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Plus, any silky, creamy hybrid lubricant can be used as a vaginal moisturizer for people experiencing painful intercourse or ongoing discomfort.


  • Sex toy compatible
  • Less likely to be sticky 
  • Long lasting
  • Washes away with water
  • Great as a daily vaginal moisturizer


  • This base is the most processed and unnatural
  • Patch test your toy first to be sure of compatibility

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Oil Based Lubricant

What you need to know

While we don’t generally carry oil-based lube, we want to make sure you know the facts. Petroleum based oil lubricants are for penile masturbation only. Coconut oil or olive oil are options (you might find these in CBD lube blends, for instance) for something more natural; more people are experimenting with these oils you might find in your kitchen cabinets, though there aren’t any studies on long-term use of these oils as a lubricant. Some people find it to be a

more affordable lubricant that can be had in large quantities. However, natural oils that do not contain preservatives can go rancid and careful attention needs to be paid to freshness.


  • Coconut oil is also an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral which can kill the good bacteria that are needed in the vagina.
  • Long lasting 
  • All natural (excluding petroleum based)


  • Not safe for use with sex toys or condoms.
  • Stains fabric
  • NOT condom compatible
  • NOT latex safe
  • NOT toy compatible

So, there you have it! And remember, this is a very high-level look at an almost-endless spectrum of lubricants. There is absolutely a perfect lube out there for your needs and desires. (In fact, we bet you’ll have more than one go-to once you visit us to learn more!)