The Curve is the first of a new line of Tantus® products to feature a wider base, enabling people to combine the versatility of harness play with the direct G-Spot stimulation all women crave. Better still, the subtle angle of the Curve makes it ideal for anal or vaginal play, and the smooth silicone makes penetration a joy for men or women.

Dildos give you the feeling of fullness vaginally, or if you choose, anally. Gliding a dildo in and out plays on the nerve packs of your orifices. It can stimulate the crura; the nerves in the labia, which sends pleasure signals directly to the clitoris, and anally it plays on the nerves around the muscle bands.

Diameter: 1-3/8″
Length: 6″

Velvet Box recommends this Tantus product with the Spare Parts Joque Harness!