Talk Dirty To Me. No, Not Like That!

So you wanna talk dirty? Where do you start? How do you not feel like a complete idiot? What if you talk dirty and say the wrong thing? How do you talk dirty and not kill the mood?  I understand your pain. Let me break it down for you. There is no way around this, you will feel silly the first time. It will happen. Come to terms with this now. Ok? Ok. 

Now, are there words or phrases that will turn your partner from a hot sizzle to an popsicle? You don’t know? Don’t worry, I am here to help you. Now, generally we can agree there are words that will not activate those pleasure centers you are hoping for. Words like, “Yabbos”, “Fun Bags”, “Poop Shute” and “Tallywhacker”, are just some examples of this.  

I speak gererally, of course. For the 99% of people who do not find these words enticing, there is always the 1% who do. The Talk Sexy To Me excersize found here, is for all 100% of you. While I couldn’t include every dirty adjective ever used to describe sexual organs, I have left blank spaces. There you can fill in the dirty words to turn you on. 

How to talk dirty velvet box fort worth

Once you have learned what words get your partner hot and what words get you slapped, you can move on to how to implement those words.

*Pro-Tip – Looking for more words and phrases to blow your skirt up? Read some erotic books or short stories. Perhaps even venture into watching some porn or even steamier movies. There are lots of ways to find new words or phrases to turn you on. This can happen when you are looking and suprise you when you aren’t.

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