20 Questions: What Women Want To Know About Men!

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How Kinsey Changed Our Lives by Dr. Marty Klein

Sixty years ago this weekend, biologist, professor, and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey changed every American’s life once again by publishing his second book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

Here’s what he discovered and published:
• Women have orgasms
• Many women have these orgasms without sexual intercourse
• Straight women think about, and have, sexual experiences with other women

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Porn Addict Or Selfish Bastard?

I’m seeing an epidemic of “porn addiction” in my office. Not of porn addiction, but of “sex addiction.”

Here’s how it looks: Wife/girlfriend somehow assumes that husband/boyfriend does not watch porn (guess that’s what she means by “he’s one in a million”). One day, his porn watching comes to her attention (he leaves something on the screen, she searches his website history, he gets an email or bill from some friendly porn site, etc.).

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