Starting June 9 – Live AND Replay Online Classes! Info and FAQs

Hi friend,

We have important and good news for you!

You’ve asked for online class replays, and we are answering. 

Starting with our June 9 Booty Basics class, you’ll now be able to attend the live online class and/or watch the replay!

Here’s what to expect.

  1. The first time you purchase a live or replay class, you will be prompted to create a Kajabi (our online course platform) account (simply your email, password, and name).
  2. Live classes will continue to be delivered via Zoom. Replays will be available on the Kajabi course platform. You’ll receive email notifications with viewing details for both.
  3. The replay will be available at 5 PM Central the Friday after the live online Wednesday class, and you will have 48 hours to watch the replay. If you purchased the replay, you will receive an email when the replay is available.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we migrate to this new platform. We can’t wait to continue rolling out new online courses for your education and exploration!


  • Do I have to create a Kajabi account? Yes, to pay for a live or replay class, you have to have a Kajabi account.
  • Do I have to create a Kajabi account each time I purchase a class? No, once you have a Kajabi account, you will continue to use your email + password to log into Kajabi to purchase additional classes/courses, or to watch the replay classes.
  • Will I watch the live classes on Kajabi? No, once you pay for the class in Kajabi, you’ll receive Zoom credentials for the webinar. On the night of the class, use that link to watch the live class. If you want to watch the replay later, you’ll receive an email with replay information and log into Kajabi to watch it.
  • Will there still be class materials, product videos, and coupon codes? Yes! If you attend a live class, you’ll receive the materials that night. If you watch a replay, the materials will be alongside the replay video.
  • Is there a limit to number of attendees for live classes? Yes, we have a 100-attendee limit for our Zoom webinars. If we sell out, you will be directed to purchase the replay instead. Hurry and book your classes before we sell out!
  • Where do I sign up for classes? To see upcoming classes, always head over to our events page and calendar. You can sign up for each class on the individual event page, e.g. the specific Booty Basics event page.
  • How long do I have to watch the replay? Replays will be available two days after the class, and they will be available only for 48 hours.