Silver Sex – Your Best Sex Is Still Ahead of You!

Some people may say or think that sex is a young person’s game. But, with a little imagination (and maybe a visit to your friendly Velvet Box store), we say that senior sex, or “Silver Sex,” is something to look forward to! Yes, your body and your desire may change, but we’re here to help you embrace your changing sexuality.

A few tips to get you started:

Take an Online Class

A class?! Yes! We host online classes you can join anonymously from the privacy of your home 2-3 times per month for just $10 per class. (Check out our schedule here.) These are a great way to spark your curiosity, learn something new, and connect with your partner.

Communicate With Your Partner

You already know this, but open communication is critical to a great sex life, whether you’ve been together decades or weeks. If your needs and wants have changed (or you’ve never been able to express your desires), but you’re struggling to find the words, check our Communication Tools to help guide your conversation. To begin, we recommend:

Spice Up the Toy Box

Whether you want to shop online or come see one of our amazing, friendly, helpful sex-perts at one of our 5 DFW-area stores, here are a few lubricant and toy recommendations to help make your senior sex experience all the more pleasurable and comfortable.

Velvet Box Lubricant for Seniors

Wicked Simply Hybrid 

First things first – lube! Creamy hybrid lubricants like Wicked Simply Hybrid are great because they have the benefits of both water-based and silicone-based lubes and almost none of the disadvantages. Creamy hybrid lubes are long-lasting, usually tasteless, rarely sticky, and can double as a daily moisturizer for vaginal dryness as well as a fantastic personal lubricant for sex. Wicked Simply Hybrid has clean cosmetic grade packaging and an easy to use pump cap that disperses just the right amount of lube (but feel free to use as much as you need!). Hybrid lubes are safe for all toy materials.

Velvet Box Sex Toys for Seniors We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe Pivot

The Pivot is a vibrating c-ring, which is a couple’s toy that the male wears around the base of the penis. The ring itself is made of durable medical-grade silicone, which will restrict blood flow to the penis, which helps create a firmer erection. Then the vibrator on the top provides hands-free clitoral stimulation during sex and also sends waves of vibration through the penis. Ultimately, it is an external vibrator that can be used anywhere on the body, so use your imagination! One cool trick is to wrap the ring around your fingers with the Pivot in the palm of your hand so that you can use your vibrating fingers to stimulate your partner. Can you say “magic fingers”?!

Velvet Box Sex Toys for Seniors Penis Pump Optimum Series Automatic Smart Pump

Optimum Series – Automatic Smart Pump

This auto pump is actually multiple toys in one package. First, it’s a penis pump. The user inserts their penis into the canister and presses it firmly against the pelvis creating an airtight seal. Then the automatic pump will suck all the air out of the toy and simultaneously pull more blood into the penis, helping to create a firm erection. Once the user has achieved the firmness of the erection desired, they can remove the pump and put on a C-ring to lock the blood in place. 

Secondly, this toy comes with a soft masturbation sleeve. For this purpose, the user can apply lube to the penis and the toy and follow the same steps, only this time, they can stroke the penis and received simulated oral sex. This product is great for penis-owners who may have erectile dysfunction. Not only does the pump help achieve an erection, but even if you are not able to achieve full mast, you can still experience tremendous pleasure from the suction and textured sleeve. 

Femme Funn Ultra Wand

Femme Fun Ultra Wand

The ultra wand is an ideal senior sex toy: it’s lightweight, quiet, powerful, and discrete. The toy itself is actually a small body massager, so if your kids find it, you can just claim to have a sore neck. The entire toy is coated in medical-grade silicone that helps with gripping the toy, so if you have any dexterity issues, this toy is right for you. Not to mention the powerful vibrating head is ideal for providing external, clitoral stimulation, even if you have lost some sensitivity in that area. (Our Femme Fun products are available only in Velvet Box stores.)

Velvet Box Sex Toys for Seniors Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Premium uses air pleasure technology to provide clitoral stimulation as you have never experienced before. Simply place the open face of the tip of the toy directly over the clitoris and create an airtight seal against the skin, turn it on and hang on for the ride. Not that it’s a long ride… the Womanizer Premium can give a woman a very intense clitoral orgasm in a matter of minutes. Some women even experience such powerful orgasms that they even experience female ejaculation. How’s that for spicing things up?

Thigh Strap-on Harness and attachment

The thigh strap-on is an excellent alternative for someone unable to participate in typical penetrative sex. Not only does the thigh strap allow you to experience many sexual positions, but it also allows you to have access to your genitals, unlike other hollow strap-ons. With the thigh strap-on, you can still experience sexual stimulation while your partner gets to experience more typical penetrative sex. 

Remember that your mind is your largest sex organ, and you can receive pleasure just from knowing that you are providing pleasure to your partner. 

Think outside the box of typical senior sex and dive into the endless wonders of toys while you build intimacy and pleasure for the best sex of your life!