Anal Play

Relaxation is a prerequisite for enjoyable anal play. Take the time to relax your sphincter muscle before inserting anything. You can never use enough lube! Tease yourself slowly, massaging the lubricant around and into yourself. Maintain steady breathing, and when you’re ready, exhale and begin to slide your finger in. Maintain a relaxed pace. If anything hurts or causes your muscles to tense up, slow down, stop moving, or stop altogether. Never use lubricant that contains benzocaine or any other numbing agents because they will mask your body’s signals.

All toys should be smooth and seamless. You should also make sure there is no way to lose hold of whatever is going in. Anything intended for anal play should have a flared base, so that even if you let go, it won’t slip away from you.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance. The simplest and most convenient approach to keeping toys clean is to put a condom on your toy every time you play. Refrain from putting toys in vaginal area or switching back and forth, as this can cause spread of bacteria.