Dr. Celeste Holbrook, Featured by The Fort Worth Report

(Photo Credit | Amber Shumake)

Our resident sexologist, Dr. Celeste Holbrook, took the spotlight in the Fort Worth Report. Her impactful work in providing judgment-free sex education for the Fort Worth community and beyond has gained recognition . The article, written by Alexis Allison, highlights Celeste’s mission to have an open, honest dialogue surrounding sexual health. Dr. Holbrook aims to change how we view sex education. Forget your typical high school sex ed class; she is taking these conversations to the next level. Her work in her practice and with Velvet Box plays a crucial role in breaking the stigma surrounding sex. It fosters empowerment and enhances education about sexual health, helping others feel more informed and confident.

“Her reach is going to be vast. She has the potential, and I think she’s headed in the direction of someone who is going to change the conversation about sex in America,” said Rosanne Hauck, Fort Worth Realtor and long-time client of Holbrook. We couldn’t agree more! We are thankful for Dr Celeste’s ongoing partnership with Velvet Box and are excited to stand alongside her as she continues to lessen the stigma surrounding sex.

You can read the full article from the Fort Worth Report here.

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Celeste leads each class, infusing them with her immense knowledge and wisdom.