Sex Toy Materials & Why You Should Care?

Sex toys come in every shape, size, and shade, but have you ever considered the materials being used in your toy? You should be a wise consumer when it comes to choosing a toy that will be pleasurable but also healthy. No one likes an inflamed vagina or a rash-ridden penis. Velvet Box guarantees that every toy we sell is body-safe and non-toxic for your genital happiness. So, let’s explore what is safe…

Medical Grade Silicone is the popular option among toy connoisseurs! It is non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-free, and easy to clean. Silicone has a sensual feel and carries strong vibrations straight to your most sensitive spots. Much of our selection in store is made from silicone. The downside to silicone toys is that they don’t play well with silicone lubricant, but we have many exciting options of water-based and hybrid lubricants to expand your horizons.

Glass (or more accurately, medical grade Pyrex) is another option for your toy. While most glass toys don’t vibrate, glass is non-porous and chemical free, as well as easy to sanitize. It can be cooled or heated for fun sensory play and can be used with any lubricant. We carry both dildos and anal plugs in glass. The only downside: glass has no give and can be quite filling, if you catch my drift. For more do’s and don’ts of glass check out our Why Glass article.

Stainless steel has many of the same qualities of glass. Non-vibrating and sturdy, these toys will last a lifetime of orgasms. Also, the weight of the stainless steel makes it handy as a weapon in the case of intruders. The Pure Wand is lovingly called “The Juicer” amongst people in the know, as it is THE toy to attempt squirting or prostate orgasm.

Jelly toys are often the culprit behind bacteria. They are porous and notoriously difficult to clean. We do not sell regular jelly toys for this reason. Our “jelly” toys are comprised of either TPE or TPR, an elastomer compound, that is both body-safe and phthalate-free. They still have small pores, however, and require diligent cleaning. They have a smooth texture and are a low-cost option.

Polyurethane-coated plastic is another great option. Plastic transmits vibrations well, is body-safe, and cleans up easily. It is both lightweight and powerful, perfect to keep in your car to prevent road rage in the next traffic jam!

This is just a select few of the more common materials sex toys can be made of. So choose wisely. From all of us at Velvet Box, we wish you all the pleasure and none of the pain (unless you’re into that, of course).

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Written by Ally Barr