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Wicked Simply Foam and Fresh Toy Cleaner

A foaming toy cleaner for the ingredient focused consumer. The active antibacterial agent is Benzalkonium Chloride. This is the active ingredient used in our other WSC toy claners and the same highly effective ingredient found in Bactine. We then added a long list of powerful natural antibacterial , antiseptic, and antimicrobial ingredients to boost potency and increase peace of mind. These are Lavender Extract which is a natural antibacterial. Eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil which are natural antiseptics, peppermint oil and rosemary leaf oil which are natural antimicrobials and, olive leaf extract, a natural bio-static. simply products are always glycerin and propylene glycol free.


Your first time can be uncomfortable for many reasons, but friction shouldn’t be one. Using a little bit of lubricant will make sex more enjoyable for many reasons. First, even if you think you produce enough lubricant on your own, adding a lubricant can still enhance your experience. Secondly, adding a flavored lubricant can enhance foreplay and add a fun and tasty element to your play. Lastly, if your first time includes anal sex, you need a lubricant. The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate, so to have pleasurable anal penetration, you need a good gel, water-based lubricant, and lots of it.


Protection is essential. No matter who you are or what parts you have, you should have protection with you. Never leave it up to your partner to be prepared. Condoms help protect you from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. So be smart and use protection. The pull-out method doesn’t work, and birth control doesn’t protect you from STIs.

Massage Oil

Your first time can be just as stressful as it is exciting. One way to calm your nerves and build trust and intimacy is to give each other a sensual massage. A massage will help relax you, ease any tension, and allow you to explore each other’s bodies in a more sensual way that builds connection. Please know that massage oil is not a lubricant, and you should not use it as one. It’s not good for the vagina, and it will cause condoms to break.


You never forget your first time, so it should be special. Enhance your experience by wearing something that makes you feel sexy and confident. It should be soft and feel good on the skin. Make sure it’s easy to take off too. You don’t need to be fumbling around with complicated clasps and straps.


It is essential that both partners experience pleasure to the fullest extent. But let’s be honest, penis owners have it so easy. One way to make sure your clitoris-owning partner gets theirs is to add a bullet to your play. A bullet is small and powerful and an excellent tool for foreplay and sex. You can use a bullet anywhere outside the body, and it feels good for all bodies. Still, it’s perfect for the clitoris. So one way to make sure the clitoris owner has the best experience possible is to give them an orgasm with the bullet before you have penetrative sex. So no matter how fast the experience may come and go, both of you have had a good time.


If your first time involves anal sex, you may need to prepare or “clean out” to feel confident that you won’t make a mess. The best way to do this is by using an anal douche. First, fill the bulb with warm water; cold water can cause cramps. Next, lubricate your anus and the tip of the douche. Then gently insert the tip into the anus and squeeze the bulb to shoot the water into the anus. Remove the bulb and hold the water inside you for a moment or two, then expel the water into the toilet. Repeat until the water runs clear. Just remember that shit happens, literally. It’s natural, and no one should ever shame you for an accident. If something happens, jump in the shower, wash off, clean out again and get back to having a good time.

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