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Toy Cleaner

A foaming toy cleaner for the ingredient focused consumer. The active antibacterial agent is Benzalkonium Chloride. This is the active ingredient used in our other WSC toy claners and the same highly effective ingredient found in Bactine. We then added a long list of powerful natural antibacterial , antiseptic, and antimicrobial ingredients to boost potency and increase peace of mind. These are Lavender Extract which is a natural antibacterial. Eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil which are natural antiseptics, peppermint oil and rosemary leaf oil which are natural antimicrobials and, olive leaf extract, a natural bio-static. simply products are always glycerin and propylene glycol free.

Silicone Lubricant

When the mood overtakes you (and it will), silicone is the greatest lube for sex! It’s long-lasting, tasteless, and never sticky. Since silicone lube can stay slippery for a long time, it’s great for body-to-body contact. Add a few drops to your thighs and pelvis for a good wet time.

Massage Candles

Combine blissful aromatherapy, sexy ambient lighting and the warm softness of shea butter and you have the best massage oil ever. Simply light the wick, allow the oil to melt down, drizzle a few drops of the warm oil to the desired area and work those sore muscles into oblivion. It’s the ideal way to relax, reconnect to your partner and it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Massage Oils

Looking for a unique way to connect with your partner? Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique where you drench yourself in an odorless and tasteless massage lotion and rub your bodies together like a human slip-n-slide. Intense tactile sensations are triggered that release stress to help you relax, plus it’s just plain sexy. This product can be a bit messy, so pull out the play sheets and get to it!


The perfect sex toy for couples! The Chorus is small, quiet, hands-free, and powerful. Get connected by using the Chorus’ Bluetooth capabilities and your lover’s body. This C-shaped wonder is ideal for foreplay and is the only toy that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot during intercourse!

The wearable


Are you searching for double the pleasure? The Deia Wearable is the perfect way to enhance pleasure for both partners. Worn by her during sex, this hands-free device gives off sensational vibrations, all controllable by a separate remote. The wearable is made with body-safe silicone and a USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery for hours of use on a single charge. It comes with a charging case that makes it easy to pack for travel!

In-Store Only

The Couple


Are you looking to spice things up with your partner? The Deia Couple is a two-in-one sexual wellness device with independent motors for external and internal play. You can use either part of The Couple to tease your partner and get them in the mood by caressing their erogenous zones. This device is made with body safe silicone and has a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery for hours of use on a single charge.

In-Store Only

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