The New Normal: Session 2
Sex with Gynecological or Breast Cancer

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Stimulating Cream

Stimulating Cream

Stimulating Cream creates physical excitement with tingling sensations. The creamy, rich formula will thrill your senses as you become flushed with desire. Enjoy your sensual stimulation and let your inner beauty radiate.

Massage Cream

Massage Cream will help set the mood, by massaging the nourishing blend into your skin. With the enriching hydration and scent take your relaxation to a new height.

Water Based Lubricant

Add delicious flair to your sex life with a flavored, water-based lubricant. Flavored lubricants offer both tasty oral sex and a wonderfully slippery roll in bed.

Flavored Lubricant

Jam-packed flavor and silkiness pleasure. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Toy & Body Cleaner

Clean is healthy and healthy is our goal! Toy & Body Cleaner is designed for intimate hygienic cleaning. The formulas are delicate and effective for both your skin and pleasure. Specially made to keep your sex toys and your skin refreshingly clean.

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe® Chorus™ is a hands-free couples vibrator that takes you to next-level sex. Chorus is all about giving you exactly what you need to maximize pleasure, together. With an adjustable fit, touch-responsive vibrations and customizable controls, it’s the most advanced and intuitive couples vibrator ever.


We-Vibe Ditto+ is a vibrating anal plug shaped for easy entry and maximum enjoyment. Simple to use but satisfyingly powerful, Ditto+ offers premium features – silky-smooth silicone, waterproofing, app control – for a truly smooth user experience.

Features: Vibrating plug with the updated Wireless remote, USB rechargeable, charges fully in 90 minutes, 100% Waterproof. Unlock new toy control features with the We-Vibe app. Tap your smartphone screen to change vibration and intensity settings, even over distance.


Womanizer Premium 2

PREMIUM 2 is Womanizer’s most luxurious toy yet, now with 14 intensity levels, discreet and innovative Smart Silence and an improved Autopilot feature for an indulgent, guided experience.


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