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Toy Cleaner

A foaming toy cleaner for the ingredient focused consumer. The active antibacterial agent is Benzalkonium Chloride. This is the active ingredient used in our other WSC toy claners and the same highly effective ingredient found in Bactine. We then added a long list of powerful natural antibacterial , antiseptic, and antimicrobial ingredients to boost potency and increase peace of mind. These are Lavender Extract which is a natural antibacterial. Eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil which are natural antiseptics, peppermint oil and rosemary leaf oil which are natural antimicrobials and, olive leaf extract, a natural bio-static. simply products are always glycerin and propylene glycol free.


Natural lubrication doesn’t always show up on cue. If you need a little warming up to get in the mood, try adding a lubricant, as you are less likely to be wet as things are getting started. Lubricants make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re feeling frisky, take things up a notch with flavors and stimulants!


Though they get a bad rap for being cheesy, sex games are a great way to spice things up and start bedroom conversation. If a topic arises that you’re interested in, use that as an opportunity for discussion and experimentation. The worst thing that can happen is your partner says no and you try the next thing that pops up. Remember to keep an
open mind.


Sensual massage can be your ticket to sexy town. Skin-to-skin contact is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Start where your partner holds their stress, drizzle some scented massage oil and gently rub it away. Then continue, exploring the rest of their body. Take your time, and don’t forget to tease the erogenous zones! Sometimes we all need to get out of our heads to get into the sack.


Getting in the right headspace is essential for arousal. Try getting out of your own head and into that of another by introducing role play. You can be a less stressed-out person, a sex-starved maniac—you choose! Also, consider other fetish items. Add a little kink into your routine with classics like a blindfold and cuffs, or pick up a kit with a selection of items.


A clitoral stimulant is a topical product that enhances pleasure by tightening the sensitivity of the clitoris and amplifying every touch. Some are warm, others cool and tingly, and some will buzz like a vibrator on your clitoris. These stimulants are not lubricants; they are typically highly concentrated and potent. Rather than spreading it all around, remember that a little goes a long way.


Did you know that the sole purpose of the clitoris is pleasure? The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings the size of a pencil eraser designed to provide satisfaction to its owner. If you’re having issues getting aroused, the clitoris is probably an excellent place to focus your attention. 80% of clitoris owners experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone. Try using a clitoral vibrator on you or your partner’s erogenous zones to tease and tickle, but remember to give the clitoris plenty of attention.

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