Introducing our new and in-store only products!

Velvet Box is excited to announce that we have introduced eight new intimacy products into our stores, just in time for the holidays! From the VUSH vibrator featured in a Cardi B music video “UP” to pleasure pillows and more, if you have yet to visit us in-store, these products are about to change that. Treat yourself and your community this season by shopping locally and stop by one of our five fully stocked Dallas-Fort Worth locations to shop your favorites!

The Rose 2

Vush The Rose 2 vibrator at Velvet Box

Bring out the candles and rose petals for this one and get ready to show yourself some romance. It’s hard not to fall in love with the VUSH Rose 2. This little casanova is a small, gently flexible, and pleasantly vibrant bullet vibrator, with precision point vibrations that work for any and everybody. Use it as a warm-up to provide additional sensations anywhere on the body or as the main event sure to lead to the grand finale you’re yearning for.

Majesty 2

Vush Majesty 2 vibrator at Velvet Box

If you’re thinking, “Is this the vibrator Cardi B is holding in her new video?” The answer is yes, yes it is. VUSH Majesty 2 is an incredible wand vibrator that’s about to shake UP the way you play. Wands work their magic for all bodies, making Majesty 2 the perfect partner for both solos or duets in the bedroom. With 5 varying levels and 10 different patterns designed for maximum pleasure, there’s a perfect vibe for everyone. Whether this is your first toy or an exciting addition to your collection, Majesty 2 is for you.


Vush Myth vibrator at Velvet Box

Meet Myth, a G-Spot vibrator from VUSH that is powerful and ready for action. In a not-so-far-away land lives the legend of the G-Spot, and Myth is the perfect partner on your quest to find it. With a magical, unique texture designed for intense sensations and a body-happy curve to hit the spot, your journey is only just beginning. Be the hero of your own story with Myth by your side.

The Love Hamma

The Love Hamma vibrator at Velvet Box

Experience mind-blowing erotic thrills and pleasures with a new, fun, and exciting sex tool! If you’re ready to lose yourself in roleplay, erotic play, or even just mind-blowing orgasms, the Love Hamma Vibrator will help you get there. With 2 different designs and unique shapes, pulsations, and sensual vibrations, the Love Hamma is sure to satisfy any pleasure seeker.


Vesper vibrator

Looking for something that will give you goosebumps? Vesper is the world’s first USB rechargeable, multi-speed vibrator necklace. Made up of a solid 316 stainless steel pendant with a nickel-free plated cap and a 26″ stainless steel chain, its clean, sleek aesthetics make for both a subtle addition to your outfit and a standalone statement piece. This vibrator has 4 speeds – low, medium, high, and pulsing – and is ideal for a little nipple play or soft caressing on the skin.

USB cabled and storage pouch included. Splash-proof. Not for insertion. External use only.


KURVE vibrator at Velvet Box

KURVE is a sex toy superhero on a mission to seek out the G-spot. This vibrator features Hot Octopuss patented dual-motor Treble and Bass technology™, offering the ultimate in user customization. High-tech and sleek in design, it has a soft gel tip that provides a broad surface area for both clitoral and internal stimulation and efficient contours that ensure the right kind of pressure is just where you want it. Kurve will help your orgasms go to infinity and beyond.

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

The Liberator wedge ramp combo at Velvet Box

Take sex to the next level with the fun and functional Liberator Position Pillows. Velvet Box now carries several of the most popular Liberator shapes, including the Wedge, the Ramp, the Wedge/Ramp combo, and the Flip Ramp (say that five times fast!). The Liberator position pillows allow for easy access, more comfortable positioning, and all around new and exciting experiences. The pillowcases are soft, waterproof, and machine washable. Check, check, and check!

Snail Vibe

Meet Snail Vibe: the vibrator created by professionals using scientifically backed research and development. Scientists Dr. Stuart Brody and Professor Tillman Kruger discovered that the orgasm from sexual intercourse, as compared to orgasm from masturbation, produces a 400% greater prolactin level, which is responsible for sexual satisfaction. Who knew? 

Designed with their discovery in mind, Snail Vibe’s duel ends provide both clitoral and internal vaginal stimulation using sliding movements that simulate intercourse. The result: mind-blowing orgasms. At last, the product we’ve been waiting for!

All products are available for purchase in-store at one of our five Dallas-Fort Worth locations. Come in and see us! Excitement and connection await.