Need Privacy? Check Out These Quiet Sex Toys.

This year has brought so many challenges and stresses, and you might be needing a little extra “me time” to help yourself relax. But if your whole family is home ALL THE TIME, or you have a lot less privacy than you’re used to, you might need some new devices for a more subtle, under-the-covers experience.

We talked to our Velvet Box sex-perts, and here are their top picks for quiet sex toys. (Note: the toys are quiet; we have no control over how much noise YOU make!) Need more advice? Visit us in store!

All of these very quiet sex toys are:

  • Silicone, which makes them easy to clean and maintain (remember: NO silicone lube; water-based only!)
  • Rechargeable (no pillaging the TV remote for batteries)
  • Water-Resistant (helloooooo bathtime)
  • Full of multiple intensity options and pulsation modes (you do you, boo!)
  • all have some form of warranty (get after it!)

1. Womanizer Premium

This fan-favorite boasts a Smart Silent Mode that activates on contact, so if you pull away the device shuts off instantly. (Helpful in case of unexpected interruptions. “What!? Nothing happening in here!”)

The Womanizer Premium is an external, clitoral air pleasure toy. Its whisper-quiet gentle pulses of air are unlike anything you’ve felt before, and no one will hear a thing.

2. We-Vibe Rave

Velvet Box Quiet Sex Toys We-Vibe Rave

Our next pick is the We-Vibe Rave, an internal, G-Spot vibrator. Its unique asymmetrical shape is great for finding just the right spot, and the firm and rigid toy is perfect for applying pressure and massage to the G-Spot. (The We-Vibe Rave is available in Velvet Box stores.)

3. Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine

Velvet Box Quiet Sex Toys Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine

Just looking at this cute toy makes us smile; we feel less stressed already! Want to unwind further? Check out the Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine’s flexible soft silicone with a ribbed for pleasure design; each ridge will gently massage the g-spot and vaginal opening (heck yes!). And its deep rumbling vibration is like a Harley Davidson between your legs, which means its finger hole for easy gripping is all the more important as you get where you’re going.

4. Femme Fun Booster Bullet

Velvet Box Sex Toys Femme Fun Booster Bullet

If you need a toy that’s discreet in size as well as quiet in sound, look no further than the Femme Fun Booster Bullet. With this orgasmic silver bullet, you get a very powerful toy that’s great for external/clitoral use. Plus, it has a handle travel case that also serves as the charger. Easy, peasy, oh-my-gosh! (The Femme Fun Booster Bullet is available in Velvet Box stores.)

5. The Rabbit Company Kissing Rabbit

Velvet Box Adult Toys 5. The Rabbit Company Kissing Rabbit

Our final sotto voce toy recommendation is The Rabbit Company Kissing Rabbit toy. Oh, we know you know the Rabbit, but this model features a gentle, pulsing suction on the clitoris while the internal shaft and external ears vibrate. 

So, which quiet sex toy will you explore today? Come see us or shop online, and let the exploration begin!