Naked Silk Lubricant – Slick Like No Other

Are you looking for a lubricant that’s deliciously slippery, never gets sticky and is safe for all your toys? Well look no further. Naked Silk Lubricant is here!

Naked Silk Hybrid Lubricant Velvet Box DFW

Naked silk is a hybrid lubricant that slipped in and quickly became our top selling hybrid lube. With a hybrid of water and silicone based lubricants, Naked Silk feels and looks completely natural and is perfectly safe for your silicone toys. You can read more about types of lubricants including hybrids in our Lubricant 101 Guide.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about it.

“I had been buying the same lube for 17 years, thinking this was a good as it gets for a toy safe lube. Then I tried Naked Silk. Man I was missing out. This stuff is incredible! We called it Liquid Gold in our house and we buy it two bottles at a time.”  – Brittany

You don’t have to miss out, swing by any of our locations and let us show you a slick like no other.