It’s that time of the month again where we talk about what new and exciting things we just can’t wait to get our hands on. And, settle in people, because this is gonna be a long one! I had real trouble narrowing it down. There was lots of  “oooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” but I finally managed to trim it down to these 4.

Let me introduce you to Volta by Fun Factory. This split tipped toy simulates mind-blowing oral anyway you like it, from a light kissing flutter to what feels like an entire percussion section. Volta is compact, powerful and extremely versatile, try placing the tips against the clitoral hood, the nipples, labia or use it on him as a handy BJ helper by letting it flutter along the shaft. The combination of vibration and motion gives you the power to create all kinds of hot new sensations by yourself and with your partner.

Upon first seeing the UVee Clean, I thought, “So that’s where Jane Jetson keeps her sex toys.”. This is so much more than just futuristic toy storage that locks and charges your fun things. The UVee Clean uses a germicidal UV-C light system that kills 99% of all germs! They even had this tech tested by a microbiologist from Harvard. Keep this on your nightstand, wipe your toy down with a toy cleansing cloth or toy cleaner, throw it in the UVee Clean, lock it, set it and forget it.

“Holy power shaft Batman!”. From the company that brought you the world’s first Guybrator with the Pulse, comes Atom Plus. A super charged, intensely powerful, double motored vibrating c-ring, that can be used with your partner or even just during solo play. Due to it’s integrated dual motors, the Atom Plus is as powerful for the partner as the wearer. FINALLY! Features a large area for grinding against as well as a raised nub to add pressure and stimulation to the perineum.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE! A device that sits on the nightstand and dispenses warm lube or massage oil? And its HANDS FREE?! It’s like having sex at the spa! No more cold shocks, unless you’re into that. The Touch is beautifully designed, so you don’t have to hide it after use. It can just sit right there on your end table. This is an item on all of our lists! Kinky Jane Jetson definitely has one of these.

These aren’t the only items that are new in store. For more sneak peaks and updates, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Or just come in to one of our 4 locations see all the new stuff.