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Live classes! We offer lecture-style sex education classes online and in-store.

Are you seeking connection and excitement? Our judgment-free sex education classes are just the ticket. In addition to our popular standards, we are always working with a licensed sex therapist to develop new content to support you in your sexual health and education journey. Our sex education classes are professional and fun; they are lecture-style and are similar to attending a one-hour college course or presentation. Taught by a licensed sex therapist, we always attempt to use up-to-date scientific evidence about sexuality education and sexual health to inform our practices and teaching. In addition, we strive to be inclusive and culturally competent in our teaching style and invite all consenting adults to attend.

Upcoming Classes

The Cunning Linguist
Oral Sex for Her

This one-hour course is designed to stimulate excitement between you and your partner. Learn how and where she craves to be touched and give her the best oral sex she has ever had. This class will not only cover information on female anatomy (e.g. clitoris, g-spot, etc.), but also help to spark imagination and creativity during foreplay and sex. LADIES, bring your partner with you if they don’t want to come alone!

Location: Online

Date: February 7th, 2023

Time: 8 PM Central

Admission: $29

Blow Him Away
Advanced Oral for Him

This extended 2-hour class will teach you skills to blow him away! You and your girlfriends will have a blast while learning and practicing the best hands-on techniques for giving him great head and hand jobs. The smaller more intimate class size is designed to let you get real-time feedback from our resident expert while you refine and practice the skills you learn throughout this course. This class is ladies only and only seats a max of 12 participants.

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Upcoming Dates:

Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm
Cost: $115
Location: Velvet Box - Fort Worth, Morton St.

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