A Little Slap & Tickle?

Who doesn’t enjoy a little kink? Whether it be full on restraints and a ball gag, a feather tickler or just a simple blindfold, most people find a little bit of kink a welcome and exciting addition to bedroom fun.

pic 1 feather tickler pic 2  flogger pic 2

You can start with something simple like a blindfold. Taking away one sense can heighten all the others, like some sort of sex super hero and make each touch feel like a new experience.

Think the feather looks funny? Try running it across the skin of your blindfolded or restrained partner. Watch their mouth open and their body twitch with excitement. That little feather holds some serious sexual power!

A flogger on the other hand can be both naughty and nice. Dragging a leather or suede flogger up the most sensitive areas of the skin such as the breasts, butt, back and between the legs, is an extremely gentle and erotic experience. And yet with a quick flick of the wrist it can give the most delicious sting. Makes me fan myself just writing about it.

cuffs pic 3         book pic 4

Adding some restraints of any kind by themselves or in combination with some of the other items on this list can leave you positively breathless. May I suggest our under bed restraint kit in combination with one of our massage candles? Trust me, just try it! You can thank me later.

Review by Grace, Manager at Velvet Box