Kegel Balls: Change Your Life In A Week!

Kegel balls? Ben wa balls? Duo-tone balls? Vibrating? Non-vibrating? Glass? Stainless? And all of these options come in different sizes and weights. This can be completely overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Have no fear, we are here with a super easy guide to help you pick out the right set for you.

There are plenty of common misconceptions about kegel balls. Here are a few of our faves.

“When I first saw Ben Wa balls, I thought they were strictly for butt play.” – Ali

“When I was younger I always wondered if they made noises. Not clicky noises, but like…gong noises when they touched.” – Alicia

“I thought they were just for kinky people. Like you only owned a set if you also owned a gimp mask or something.” – Chandra

So what do kegel balls even do? Kegel balls are small weighted balls that help build up your pelvic floor muscles. This can help with urinary incontinence, that’s right ladies, no more crossing your legs when you sneeze, in the fear of the trickle! It can also make you tighter, it can make your orgasms stronger!

Why use kegel balls instead of just doing regular old kegel exercises? The difference between regular kegels and using kegel balls, is like the difference between power walking around the mall and running a 5K with a trainer, if that trainer was The Rock and the 5K was through mud… in the rain.


How long until I see results? Everyone’s body is different. However, if you use the kegel balls as instructed, you and your partner could feel a difference in a week!

Velvet Box Kegel Balls

What kind is the best to start with? My recommendation is that you start with a progressive set. A set that has 3-5 balls all of different weights, such as the She Ology Set seen above. Don’t even look at those tiny metal balls. Those are for advanced players as they are much smaller and harder to hold on to. The last thing you want is it to slip out, hit the ground and roll away. Because there you are scurrying across the lobby trying to catch your “magic vagina ball” in front of the all your co-worker, your boss and the hot UberEats guy. Believe us, there are many horror stories. So to avoid an Indiana Jones style situation, maybe go for a larger set.


How do I use these?

  • Use the restroom
  • Before using the kegel ball(s) make sure to clean them thoroughly with toy cleaner.
  • Apply lubricant to the kegel ball(s) and insert one ball at a time. This will feel similar to inserting a tampon. If you are having trouble try lifting one leg up or lying on your back to insert.
  • Squeeze leg muscles together and then your PC muscles to hold the balls in place. The balls should push down a little bit inside the vaginal canal.
  • Hold the balls inside for as long as possible (minimum 15minutes). Your body is naturally fighting to keep these in. So you are doing kegels without much thought.
  • If the balls slip out, wash them well with toy cleaner, apply lubricant and insert again.
  • There are several ways to remove kegel balls including: Jumping up and down, cough, sit and push or just use your fingers and fish them out. If you are worried about this, try getting a set with a retrieval cord.

How long should I wear them? Women are supposed to be doing kegels every single day 3 sets of 10, 3 times a day. No one is doing that. We get busy we forget. So we have kegel balls to cut that time in 1/2.  To begin, wear them while you’re getting dressed in the morning (approx.  30 mins) 3-5 times a week. When you start to become more comfortable and feel that they are more secure, wear them out. Go to work, go shopping, out on a date and if you’re really brave wear them to the gym. Your body is fighting to keep them in, which means you’re doing kegels the whole time! Think of this like going to the gym for your vagina. Eventually you’ll become a pro and your lady bits will be juggling those things!


So I saw that guy use them in 50 Shades, what’s that about? Once you feel secure enough to wear them out and about, you can and should wear them out on a date. Every time you sit, stand, every time he makes you laugh they move inside you. This can make for a big build up of antici…


What is better, vibrating or non? The answer to this question is pretty straight forward. YES. Yes to both. There are progressive weighted ones on each side of the isle. There are even app controlled kegel toys, where you are basically playing a game on your phone and strengthening your vagina AT THE SAME TIME! What a world. For app enabled options check out the We-Vibe Bloom.



So in short, every woman needs a set or two of kegel balls. Stop by and let one of sex toy gurus help you pick out your perfect set.