Love is Love

Love is Love. Introducing our top expert selection of intimacy products with something for everyone. From the sleek Renegade V2 to sexy restraints to the all liberating Liberator Wedge and more, these products are just what you need to feel the love this month. Select intimacy products now available online or in store.

Mojo Peruvian Ginseng Water-based Performance Glide Lubricant

Intimate Earth Lubricant - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

Get your juices flowing with Mojo Water-based Performance Glide Lubricant. This lube is blended with the sexual enhancement extract Peruvian Ginseng to help increase stamina. Maximum lubrication with max results. This lube will help you keep going (and going…) as long as you can. 

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Intimate Earth Elite Ultra Soft Silicone Glide Lubricant Shiitake

Intimate Earth Lubricant - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

Made with silicone of the highest grade, Intimate Earth Elite Ultra Soft Silicone Glide Lubricant Shiitake lube is infused with natural Shiitake extracts and nourishing Vitamin E in order to give the best glide both in and out. This leading-edge formula has a unique consistency that gives maximum lubrication with an undeniable light silky smooth, long-lasting feel.

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Under the bed restraints

Sportsheets Under the bed restraints - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

Feeling adventurous? These are the perfect introduction to bondage and a whole new world of kink and sexual exploration. Under the bed restraints fit any size mattress and come with 4 detachable cuffs that allow you to try all sorts of different types of restraint positions. Get creative and submit yourself to something outside your comfort zone this summer!

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Jelique Nipple Nibblers Cool Tingle Balm

Jelique Nipple Balm - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

Add a new level of cool to foreplay with Nipple Nibblers cool balm. These kissable formulas provide tasty and playful twists for enhanced arousal. They not only plump and sensitize, but are a sweet treat as well! Available in Root Beer and Bubble Gum, the ever-delicious Nipple Nibblers heightens sensitivity to nipples with every touch.

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Booster Bullet

Femme Funn Booster Bullet - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

A bullet is the must-have for any toy box, and the Femme Fun Booster Bullet is the best of them all. It’s small, rechargeable, and (best of all) powerful! It’s easy to use, comes with its own travel-friendly charging case, and even has savable vibrating settings, so you never have to search for your intensity. If you are in the market for that new go-to toy, get the one that you know always gets the job done: the Booster Bullet!

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Renegade V2 Rechargeable Anal Plug

Renegade Anal Plug - intimacy products available at Velvet Box

Truly a toy for anyone, Renegade’s innovative V2 plug features an exposed bullet design for powerful vibrating sensations. Made of soft platinum silicone, it includes a wireless remote for solo use or with a partner. Pair it with one of the Intimate Earth Lubes for maximum pleasure!

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Liberator Wedge

Liberator Wedge - available in-store at Velvet Box

Take sex to the next level with the fun and functional Liberator Wedge. The Liberator Wedge position pillow allows for easy access, more comfortable positioning, and all-around new and exciting experiences. The pillowcases are soft, waterproof, and machine washable. Check, check, and check!

Available in-store only

Every day (month, or year for that matter!) is an opportunity for you to explore the world of intimacy products to find what works best for you and your desires. At Velvet Box, there truly is something for everyone, so come in and see all that we have to offer, and more!

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