How To Buy A Woman Lingerie (The Right Way)

Walking into a lingerie department unprepared can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Lingerie shopping doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 5 easy tips to help you pick out the perfect pieces.  

#1 Lingerie Investigator

Sales Associate: What cup size does she wear?

Man: *Hold hands up against chest and cups imaginary breasts.* Umm… like that big. 

This happens on the daily. So, before you buy, do your research. Know what size they wear. You can do this, sneaking a peak at her bra and panties next time you take them off or you could just ask them. A little investigative work goes along way and will pay off in the end. There is nothing worse than buying your partner buying lingerie that the wrong size. Too big and you can make them feel like you think they are big and too small and they may feel bad about their body. Either way no one wins. 

#2 Know Her Style

Is she sweet?
Or is she spicy?

What colors does she like? What do you often see her wear? Does she enjoy black or colorful undergarments? If she is not normally a frilly person a pink piece of lingerie with lots of ruffles may not be the way to go. When in doubt, black is always a hot look. Remember this is about her not you. This is about making her feel sexy. 

#3 Keep It Simple

That piece on the mannequin with 5 million straps looks hot right? Not if she can’t get it on it doesn’t. If once you take it off the mannequin it looks like a ball of ribbon, this is not the piece to start with. These things do not come with instructions. Keep that in mind. Instead keep it simple with pieces that are easy to get in and out of. If you still want a strappy piece their are many lingerie pieces that are strappy one or two piece options that you don’t need an engineering degree to get in/out of. One of our favorite ways to keep it simple yet really sexy is a great pair of panties and sexy robe. A lace or satin robe is a great piece to throw over any lingerie to make it more sultry.

#4 Ask for help

There is nothing wrong with asking an associate for assistance. No one expects you to know what every style and cut is called. We are here to help. Associates will know which brands/pieces run small, which cut will fit your partner’s body just perfectly, and can help with color/style choices and any needed accessories to complete the ensemble.

#5 Go Lingerie Shopping Together

Lingerie shopping can be a hot before dinner date for a post dinner activity (wink). Each of you pick out a few pieces for her to try on. She can give you little peeks from the dressing room. Make sure, when she is trying on lingerie for you, that you have an opinion on the piece. She wants to feel sexy. When she is asking what you think, don’t just give a shoulder shrug or say “I don’t know.”. It is a straight up mood killer. She buys 1 or 2 she likes, but doesn’t let you in on which pieces made the final cut. Later she can surprise you for a big reveal.

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