The G-Spot

What is the G-Spot? Does it really exist?

If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the stigma around talking and learning about sex and admitting your curiosity. In these articles, we hope to add excitement and enjoyment in your life, by answering the sexual health questions you're too afraid to ask. Have additional questions? Contact our friendly "sexperts".

The G-Spot is a super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina. Sometimes known as the female prostate.

What does the "G" stand for?

Grafenberg, named after a German gynecologist.

Where is the G-spot?

When you're up to about the second knuckle you should feel a slightly bumpy or ridged area on the upper wall of your vagina.


What does the G-spot feel like?

The texture of the G-spot area will likely be noticeably different from the typically smooth walls of the vagina, like a wrinkly soft peach pit.

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Does the G-spot exist?

There are no definitive answers, and each new piece of research contradicts the previous one (and promises to be the last).  While the experts debate, why not do your own research, and get to the heart of the matter? It's your body, and while research may tell you something about what others experience, no one can know exactly what it feels like to be you.

Do I have a different kind of orgasm with G-spot stimulation?

It can be a different kind of sensation than a clitoral orgasm because it’s a different set of nerves.

Do all women like G-spot stimulation?

Every woman is different. For some, it's an off-the-wall experience while others feel nothing. In the same way that some women have especially sensitive nipples and others don't.

How do I stimulate the G-spot?

The G-spot responds to pressure, so press up and pull forward using that "come hither" motion with your fingers or toy.

What is an advanced way to stimulate the G-spot other than just your fingers inside her?
Use your free hand to gently press on her belly just above the top line of her pubic hair. Soft pressure can help stimulate the G-spot even more.