Lubricant 101

What's so great about lube? Should I be using it?

If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the stigma around talking and learning about sex and admitting your curiosity. In these articles, we hope to add excitement and enjoyment in your life, by answering the sexual health questions you're too afraid to ask. Have additional questions? Contact our friendly "sexperts".

Lubricant is more a sex essential than a sex toy.

It simply makes everything go more smoothly. Sexual lubricant enhances every sexual activity, from masturbation to penetration. Seen mostly as a supporting character rather than the star of the show, lube is often overlooked by customers. But lube is not a bit player—it is indispensable for vaginal sex, anal sex, and for proper use of condoms.

Vaginal lubrication can’t be counted on to show up right on cue. It’s a myth that every woman’s natural vaginal lubrication is a reliable indicator of her level of arousal. Things slide in far more gracefully with a dollop of lube.

Healthy anal penetration of any sort requires lube, because the anus does not produce it’s own lubrication, aroused or not. Saliva will not do.

Safe condom use also requires lube. Latex breaks more easily when it’s dry, and latex itself is absorbent, so lube helps keep the barrier intact. A drop of lube inside the top of a condom provides further protection from breakage. However, too much lube will cause the condom to slip. Just a little dab will do the trick.

Many sex toys absorb moisture during ordinary use. Lube will definitely make playtime with all your sex toys more fun.

Why can’t I just use spit? Spit is fine for about 3 seconds, after which it evaporates. Few of us are hydrated enough to produce the amount of spit needed for really satisfying sex. Get the lube.

Types of Lube

Water Based Lube

  • Water-based lube makes up the largest portion of lubricant available on the market. Most water-based lubes contain purified water, glycerin (provides slipperiness), preservatives and occasionally artificial flavoring.
  • After some use, lubes with glycerin will become sticky because the water portion of the lube has evaporated. You can rehydrate the skin as lubricant starts to dry by keeping a small water bottle nearby. A cool mist of water helps to reactivate the lubricant and also feels great. The mist can be quite sensual, adding to the overall experience.
  • Why not KY? Lubes designed specifically with sex in mind last longer than jelly lubes produced by the medical industry, which are made to pop in a rectal thermometer.
  • Water based lubes are safe with all sex toys and are condom compatible.

Silicone Lube

  • Silicone-based lube lasts far longer than the average sexual encounter and works with condoms as well. (Check labels because there are a few silicone lubes that are not condom compatible.) Silicone lube does not get absorbed into the skin. It’s composed of molecules larger than those of water, and those molecules skate on top of the skin, creating a layer of slickness second to none. Because silicone lube does not contain water, it virtually never dries out and is great for water play. Warm water and soap works best for clean up. If used internally, the body will eliminate it by natural means.
  • Silicone lubricant is incompatible with silicone toys. When the two touch, a chemical change occurs, rendering the toy eternally gummy. Also take care not to get silicone lube on sheets, as it will stain.

Hybrid Lube

Hybrids are water-based lube fortified with silicone so it delivers longer lasting moisture than the average water-based formula. It will wash away easily with warm water and won’t stain your sheets! It’s the best of both worlds.

Natural & Organic Lube

  • Among the wide selection of water-based lubes on the market are some "natural" brands that use either nature’s own slippery materials to provide slickness or replace artificial preservatives with natural ones.
  • The natural lubes generally don’t stay wet as long as others, but that’s a small price to pay for lube lovers who like to recognize the ingredients on the label.

Flavored Lube

  • For those who don't like the naturally occurring flavors of sex, flavored lube can improve the experience of giving oral sex.
  • Before you rush to mask the taste or smell of things, consider that not only is there nothing inherently bad-tasting or smelling about your genitals. Scientific studies show that sex pheromones work through our sense of smell to increase arousal.
  • A woman's HEALTHY genitals have not a trace of fishiness to it! If it does, it could be an indication of bacterial overgrowth and is easily remedied with a prescription.
  • We recommend using a SUGAR-FREE flavored lube because it is better for vaginal health. Sugar feeds yeast.
  • How can you improve your natural flavor? Both women and men vary a lot regarding the taste of their fluids. Stress is a factor, so try not to get too highly strung. Adjustments in diet are the quickest way to effect a flavor change. Munch on fresh fruits and honey, and ease off on coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, and asparagus.

Stimulating Lubricants

  • Playing with sensation can be fun, especially with a partner! Stimulating lubes cause a sensation when applied to the clitoris, G-spot or frenulum. (The frenulum is the veined area of the penis on the underside of the head.)
  • Sensations range from WARMING, COOLING and TINGLING. Common ingredients used to create sensation are menthol, peppermint, capsaicin (a compound derived from chili peppers) or a combination of all of these.

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