Female Ejaculation

Is it normal to squirt during intercouse?

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Female ejaculation is a sexual reaction that generally occurs by stimulating the G-spot.

Is it normal?

Yes. It’s a sexual reaction and not incontinence.

Is it urine?

No. Researchers have determined that the fluid emitted shows all the characteristics of male ejaculate but without sperm.

Can all women squirt?

Not every woman can easily ejaculate, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work as you expect. It may be more difficult for some because of your physical makeup, weak pelvic floor muscles, inability to properly relax, etc. However, every woman has the biological anatomy to ejaculate — so it is possible, in theory, that if you pay attention to this very special body part you will reap the rewards.

How much do women squirt?

Depends on the woman, it can be between a few teaspoons to more than a cup.

Do women who ejaculate feel more pleasure?

It depends on the woman. However, some research suggests women who ejaculate may have stronger pelvic floor muscles than women who do not ejaculate.

Is what I see in porn real?

It depends on the woman and the movie.

Where does the fluid come from?

We simply don’t know.