Why A Glass Toy?

glass toy      glass toy

Why Glass?

Glass toys are extremely beautiful works of art! Here is why we love glass:

  •  Glass is nonporous which makes them extremely sanitary and easy to sterilize. Simply use a toy cleaner and warm water or rinse the toy and place it in the dishwasher.
  •  Any type of lubricant can be used with glass. Silicone lubricant is great for use in the tub or shower and works great with glass.
  •  Great for g-spot and prostate stimulation because of it’s rigidity. You can apply lots of pressure to the desired body part with glass.
  •  For temperature play, glass toys can be placed in hot water or ice water for a heating or cooling effect, giving you an entirely new sensation.
  •  Glass is hypoallergenic and great for people with any type of sensitivities.