Join us for in-store events and lecture-style sex education classes.

At Velvet Box, we offer more than just retail - we offer judgment-free information to help you get the connection and excitement you deserve. Check out our calendar below for upcoming events.

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ONLINE – From Purity to Pleasure

YOU MUST SIGN UP. COST IS $10 PER PERSON. NO REFUNDS IF YOU DO NOT VIEW THE CLASS. This is a LIVE class. The live class will begin promptly at […]


Sex-Ed University

Modern Sex Education Classes

Our sex education classes are lecture-style and are similar to attending a one-hour college course or presentation. We always attempt to use up-to-date scientific evidence about sexuality education and sexual health to inform our practices and teaching. We strive to be inclusive and culturally competent in our teaching style and invite all consenting adults to attend.

Although some classes may seem more for just men or just women, we encourage everyone to bring their significant other or even a supportive friend. Our classes are designed to help spark conversation, and it works best when you bring someone with you to talk about it after. The only exception to this is our BLOW HIM AWAY: Advanced Oral for Him class which is designed a bit differently and is ladies only.

FAQs About Classes

Q: Where are the classes held?

A: All classes are held online, except our Advanced Oral For Him class, which is in our lecture space located next door to Velvet Box on Morton Street.

Q: Who teaches the classes?

A: Our classes are taught by licensed sex educators. We bring in the best to ensure you get the right answers and products for your safety and enjoyment.

Q: Will there be any touching?

A: We will not ask you to touch anyone or anything during class. Please note, disruptive and lewd behavior or actions will result in staff removing you from the class.

Q: Will I have to self-disclose?

A: No, you do not have to self-disclose, nor tell anyone anything about yourself. The sharing of personal details is at the discretion of the participant.

Q: Will there be any nudity or “demonstrations”?

A: We like to keep our classes at a level where everyone feels safe and comfortable learning. We typically use medical anatomical models or drawings to show anatomy, physiology, or technique.

Our BLOW HIM AWAY: Advanced Oral for Him class is the only class where participants are taught techniques using aides. This class is for women-only (max. 12) and hosted in a private classroom setting.

Q: Can I request a private class?

A: Some classes can be requested for private groups (e.g. bachelorette parties) depending upon availability and other factors. Fees may vary for a private class. Our most popular classes for private groups are TOY BOX TUTOR and BLOW-BY-BLOW: Advanced Oral for Him classes. Please email to request a private class.