DIY: Sexy Jenga

Spice things up with a fun DIY Sexy Jenga bedroom game. With a basic Jenga game and some markers, you can create your very own sexy fun bedroom time. Below are the printable list of foreplay prompts or make your own! This is a completely customizable game, that you can tailor to the toys you own or the kinks you and your partner are into. If you’re into toes make a block, if you aren’t into oral, substitute it for another prompt. Stop by and stock up on sexy accessories and toys to make this a game that you will want to replay over and over again.

Click the image below for the full printable PDF. This is also the perfect gift for your significant other or even friends that are getting engaged, married, or just have an anniversary. If you are looking for more ways to spice things up check out one of our classes or all of the free activities on our Communication Tools page.

DIY Sexy Jenga Velvet Box

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