No, this is not an Urban Dictionary entry of some complicated sex move involving a saddle and crop. I mean, we’re not judging, whatever blows your skirt up. But, this is a real honest to God pie recipe in honor of the upcoming Kentucky Derby. So throw on your biggest hat and get ready to dig in.

Each slice of this pie is full of chocolatey deliciousness topped with bourbon cream. And according to a study in The Journal Of Sex Medicine, chocolate can lead to higher levels of desire, arousal and even sexual satisfaction. So maybe after a slice or two, the horse won’t be the only one winning.


We recommend serving warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Derby Pie is already chockfull of bourbon. However, a true derby party wouldn’t be complete without an ice-cold mint julep. This is essential and tastes amazing! There are a million different takes on this drink, but we prefer the classic.


So after you have your slice of pie and a mint julep or two, slip off that big hat, leave on those gloves and maybe pick up a riding crop and a saddle. Again, we’re not judging. If you are interested in checking out some of our new stuff, here is a great place to start.