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Boring Married Sex - 5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

This course will discuss and explore 5 scientific ways to increase passion, romance, and intimate connection in your marriage. Rev up your thirst for sex and desire for your partner to create a passion-filled marriage. By the end of this class, you will have learned specific techniques and ideas to help you create a passion-filled marriage.

By the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Techniques to bring the HEAT back into your marriage
  • Tricks for creating passion in the brain
  • Toys and products to increase your appetite for sex

All classes are made available for 48 hours from time of purchase.

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About Your Instructor

Dr. Celeste Holbrook

Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist, speaker and educator who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through perfectly planned mental and behavioral changes. She sees clients virtually from her Fort Worth, TX office where she inspires women to move through mental blocks surrounding their intimate lives and truly experience the sex that was designed for her. Hundreds of people have dramatically changed their relationships by following the sexual and mindset strategies that Dr. Holbrook has created and tailored specifically for them. Her favorite moment is the spark that appears in a woman’s eyes the instant her sensual confidence is re-awakened.

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