CBD & SEX – What’s The 411?

These days CBD (Cannabidiol) is everywhere. You can get it in your coffee, in your water and now in your bed. With this big boom in popularity, it seems like CBD is the one size fits all cure all for whatever ails you. While the science is still testing CBD on all the other things, let’s look at some of the most googled questions about CBD and sex.

1. How does CBD work in your body?

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system – a complex network of receptors that help operate the body’s nervous system, immune system, as well as the body’s organs. 

Ok to translate all the scientific stuff above: Would you like your sexual inhibition and sexual excitement to work together, so that you can think more clearly and diminish nerves, allowing you to be fully receptive to the pleasure you are experiencing? Great, then CBD is for you.

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2. Does CBD make orgasms stronger?

Yes. CBD acts as a vasodilator and can increase blood flow to the genitals, which in turn increases sensitivity, making those good sensations amazing sensations. The increased sensitivity and tactile sensations can lead to fuller, more intense orgasms that are more easily accessible. Some have described the experience as “euphoric”.

3. Can CBD help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes. There are many root causes for E.D. high blood pressure, pain and anxiety just to name a few. CBD is known to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety which are both common causes of E.D. It can really help you get out of your own head and in the mood.

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4. Will CBD or CBD lube get me high?

No. CBD has none of the psychoactive effects that THC does. So, no, it will not make you high. It can, however, take your pleasure to new highs.

5. Can CBD help with pelvic pain during sex?

Yes. Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it can reduce vaginal discomfort for more enjoyable sex. It can also help treat pain associated with fibroids, endometriosis, vaginismus and many other issues associated with pelvic floor pain.

There are many benefits to utilizing CBD products in and outside the bedroom. What’s good for the body is good for the mind. We have so much more to say on this subject (and LOTS of other CBD products to showcase). So, while the experts debate, why not try it out for yourself?

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