Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump


Bathmate is the most famous Penis Pump in the world and has been sold all over the world for the past five years!

  • Uses the remarkable power of water
  • Works in the bath, shower or air
  • Can be applied in a matter of seconds using only one hand
  • Encases the whole penis, thereby producing increased girth along the whole length of the shaft and at the same time preventing such as penis bending and floppy penis syndrome.
  • Can be used with the Ultramax pleasure ring specially designed to fit over the root of the penis while the pump is being operated and which allows normal ejaculation
  • Produces a solid rock hard erection the full length of the penis.

Water vs. Air Pumps

Air under pressure is spongy and inconsistent, which means when you compress air in a vessel the air compresses in an uneven manner. This can lead to bruising, bending and bulging of the penis. Water on the other hand is consistent under pressure. This means that when you compress water in a vessel it creates an even vacuum around the length and girth of the penis. When water is removed for the vessel by the pumping action of the Hercules/Hydromax the water that is removed from the vessel must be replaced by the expansion of the penis in the vessel. Water forms an even solid cushion around the penis, allowing for uniform expansion without bruising, bending or bulging.