Ask Beth: Can I Make My Penis Larger?

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Q: I want to make my penis larger. Is there a pill that works or a pump that works that won’t cost a lot?

Oh, penis enlargement! One of the most common questions asked by men but it’s next to impossible to get a straight answer. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements and gimmicks that promise “giant dicks” (especially on porn websites). Even I had to do some research and make sure my facts were straight on this one. Here is the truth on penis enlargement…

Ways to give your boy a boost:


The term “herbal” or “dietary supplement” means it’s not regulated by the FDA. This basically means there is no medical or clinical evidence to prove it has any effect on anything. All in all, you are wasting your money.

Be warned! These pills can interact with other medications so please advise your doctor/pharmacist if you are taking something to attempt to make your dick bigger. No matter how embarrassing it may be.

When it comes to prescriptions (Viagra, Cialis, etc) they are meant to give you an erection and will not make your cock larger.

Penis Pumps

The ones that work the best are the most expensive, but once again it does not make your schlong permanently larger. It only gives you an erection.

  • Pumps pull blood into your penis by vacuum pump. Then, when your penis is filled with blood you “tie” it off at the base with the provided band (basically a cock ring).
  • The ring prevents blood from returning to the body. You can only keep the ring on for a max of 30 minutes. Otherwise, you run the risk of starving your penis of oxygen-rich blood which will lead to tissue damage.
  • Often, there is a “hinging” effect on the penis while using the ring (the penis swings back and forth at the base).
  • This device is really just for men who have difficulties getting and maintaining an erection.

Male Traction Devices

A device you strap to your penis for an extended period of time to make it longer. Over time the device slowly stretches out the spongy material in the penis to give it length. There are a few different brands, but I believe SizeGenetics (~$400) is the only one backed up by a clinical study. Be prepared that this takes a lot of time and patience (months to a year) and sometimes you don’t get the results you want.


There is also penile enlargement surgery. A surgeon will cut the ligament that holds the penis in its usual position and weights will be used to stretch it out. The procedure may result in scar tissue, the erection may point down, and the base of the penis will be hairy. Girth can be increased by injecting fat from other parts of the body into the penis. Sometimes this results in a bumpy and odd-looking texture. Many urologists won’t perform this type of surgery unless there are good therapeutic reasons.


There is no magic pill to make you have a bigger Johnson. Male traction devices and surgery are probably the only clinically proven (but expensive) ways to make your penis larger. Your cheapest and safest option would be to purchase a penis extender that fits over your penis during sex to make it seem larger. Seriously though, do you really need to make your penis bigger??