Ask Beth: Can a man with a small penis still pleasure a woman?

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My interest in sexuality started as a curious child who asked my parents LOTS of questions. Fortunately, my parents were excellent at providing me with both honest and age-appropriate information. While searching for my life goals in my early college years, I found my calling at Widener University, which houses the only fully accredited doctoral program in human sexuality in the country.

I am a lifelong resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area and have provided individuals with sexuality education on topics ranging from sexual transmitted infection prevention to female ejaculation.

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Q: Can a man with a small penis still pleasure a woman?

A: Sexual pleasure does not solely rely on filling the vagina with a big penis. If you still have doubts, consider two lesbians having mind blowing sex with each other!  And many of them do it without a big dildo involved. If this weren’t true you would have tons of lesbians cheating with big penised men or going out and buying up all the big dildos in sex toy stores, but this just isn’t the case…

Even when women (straight or other) choose to buy dildos for personal use, they generally choose one on the smaller side. Most of the giant dildos stay on the shelf a bit longer.

There is a vast network of nerves in your body that when stimulated provided sexual satisfaction. In the genital region the nerves branch out to to the clitoris, labia, vagina, anus and buttocks. There are even branches to the neck, lips, and breast and nipples. Basically, the vagina isn’t the only place that provides orgasmic pleasure for women. In fact, most women need clitoral stimulation (which is external), and NOT vaginal penetration, in order to orgasm.

This is a very common concern for men. Many men are worried their penises are too small. Honestly, great sex is about CONFIDENCE, good communication (involving the entire body) and making your partner feel like you have never wanted anyone more in your life.

If you still doubt what I’m saying, you can always buy some sexual aids. There are many books, toys, and even penis extenders that you can wear over your penis during intercourse to make it seem bigger. The WeVibe is a great little toy that fits inside the vagina and also provides much-needed vibrations to the clitoris during intercourse.  Men get a nice sensation on the penis as well!  Having this little toy in place while you are having sex with your partner is going to make it seem like your penis has more girth to it because the vagina will have two things (your penis and the toy) inside during intercourse. Just make sure you use plenty of lube with this toy.