We know what it feels like to feel lonely and not be able to connect with yourself and your partner.

If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the stigma around talking and learning about sex and admitting your curiosity. You’ve likely wondered if there was a safe retail environment that helped you figure out what you like. We know you want excitement and enjoyment in your life, and it’s wrong that you feel like you’re on your own with no one to guide you.

At Velvet Box, we get it.

We understand what it’s like to want to feel reassured in your desires and your body. We’ve designed our entire retail store experience around your safe exploration. For the past 10 years, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you overcome cultural stigma and experience connection, education, and excitement.

Our CEO and founder Marcelle LeBlanc was born in the deep South and set off to see the world as soon as she was able. She quickly found adult retail, and her eyes were truly opened to human nature, culture, and stigma. Marcelle realized the importance of adult stores in the lives of customers as well as employees, and she set out to create an upscale, compassionate retail experience in North Texas.

Velvet Box Adult Retail Store for Couples

We are committed to helping you discover passion so you can stop feeling disconnected from yourself and your partner.

The process is simple – visit one of our stores today, get curious and ask us anything (we’ve heard it all and promise there’s no such thing as a weird question!), and leave excited to try something new. Once you set foot in one of our 5 area locations, you’ll have taken the first step to discovering all the possibilities.

Meet Our Team

Velvet Box

Marcelle LeBlanc



Brandon Bailey

Chief Operating Officer


Topher Miller

Area Director



Store Manager



Store Manager



Executive Assistant

beth (1)

Beth Boatman

Human Sexuality Educator


Celeste Holbrook

Human Sexuality Educator

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Our mission to provide a warm and inviting shopping environment that encourages our customer's safe exploration of good sex. We are always looking for team members who share in our vision and welcome all to apply.