7 Insanely Hot Toys To Jingle His Bells

7 Insanely Hot Toys To Jingle his Bells Velvet Box Fort Worth Texas Lewisville Texas West Plano Texas Adult Store

If you are really looking to really “trim his tree” this holiday season, look no further! These are the toys that all the naughty boys want in their stockings this year.

1. Flip Zero by Tenga

The original Tenga Flip Hole has been one of our hottest sellers since it’s debut. One feel of the super textured sleeve will have his heart racing. Not to mention it’s an ability for him to control the pressure and tightness. Don’t be fooled as these aren’t just for his benefit. The Tenga Zero much like some other male masturbation sleeves can also be used as a stamina trainer to train them to last longer all while feeling incredible! Just make sure to grab him some stimulating water-based lube and don’t forget the powder to keep the sleeve super soft!

2. Ultimate P-Spot Milker by Pipedream

A perfectly shaped tip that moves and rocks back and forth to stroke the prostate is just the tip (no pun intended) of what this toy has to offer. It also has a powerful motor and 9 different vibration functions to really touch give your man that full body orgasm he’s been hoping for. To top it all off it’s rechargeable so no need to buy batteries. This can also be used for g-spot!

Pro Tip: Pair this with any of the Wicked Jelle lubes for a slip like no other.

3. Doggie Style Strap by Sportsheets

Doggie Style Strap by Sportsheets velvet box dfw fort worth texas

Help him hit all the right spots this Christmas season with this awesome accessory. Not only is the Doggie Strap amazing for him but it is amazing for women too! The soft comfortable strap adds pressure to the lower abdomen making you feel tighter and lifting your hips and making that elusive g-spot easier to hit.

4. Vacuum Twist Suckers by CalEx

CalEx Vacuum Twist Nipple Suckers For Men Velvet Box DFW

I know what you’re going to say, “But Grace this is a list for toys for him.”. It is an all too common misconception that only women like their nipples played with. This is categorically untrue! Nipple play is for everyone! These vacuum style nipple stimulators give the feeling of suction that can range from normal to intense with just a little twist.

5. On Power Glide by Sensuva

On Power Glide by Sensuva Available at Velvet Box Fort Worth Texas Lewisville Texas West Plano Texas

The geniuses over at Sensuva have done it again. They have taken On that we women love so much and have made something for the men in our lives. On Power Glide is a cream that, when applied, increases girth, makes him harder and maximizes satisfaction, all by increasing blood flow. A little goes a long way, so stroke a little on and feel the tingle, buzzy, thickening goodness! Perfect for use alone or with a partner.

6. The Magic Wand by Hitachi

What, you thought the Magic Wand was exclusively for women’s pleasure? It’s not! Don’t get us wrong is for that too, but the Cadillac of sex toy has its place in everyone’s collection. Just put this under the head of his penis and turn it on low, slowly work your way to the speed and pattern that makes him twitch.

7. Gun Oil Lube

Gun Oil lubricant for men available at velvet box dfw fort worth texas west plano texas lewisville texas

A lube with a cult following? Yep, that’s Gun Oil. This impossibly slick silicone lube has added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It is ultra-concentrated and water resistant so it won’t break down or dry out. While not compatible with silicone sex toys, this is perfect for masturbation or play with glass toys.

Why not wrap yourself for Christmas? Our sexy new lingerie in every size will have his heart racing, palms sweating and pulse quickening. Especially when you pair yourself with any one of the gifts above.

These toys will keep him (and you) pleased and happy all year. So if it’s for Christmas, his birthday, national Steak and Blow Job Day (yep that’s a real thing) or just a Tuesday, treat him to something a little extra sentillating and give him the gift of pleasure.

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