5 Ways Sex Toys Enhance Partnered Sex

Introducing 5 Ways Sex Toys Enhance Partnered Sex, a guest blog by our resident sexologist Dr. Celeste Holbrook.

“But my penis can’t vibrate…will she prefer that instead of me?” 

This was a response from a client when I suggested they try looking into a clitoral vibrator to enhance their sexual experiences. The “replacement theory” is a myth that a sex toy could somehow replace a partner in sex, an idea that worries many.  So I’d like to put this lie to rest by giving you five thrilling (and science-backed) ways that sex toys actually enhance partnered sex…not replace it!

1. Many vulva-owners enjoy clitoral stimulation and its ability to make them come. Add a bit of vibration or air pulse technology and you are experiencing more orgasms even during penetrative sex. 

2. Masturbation is a beautiful and effective way to learn what you like, and in turn, communicate that to your partner. Whether you use a vibrator, a butt plug, or a masturbator sleeve, learning what you love will ultimately help you communicate your needs during partnered sex. And great communication leads to amazing sex. 

3. Psychologically, we adore seeing our partners experience pleasure. This is called “compersion” and is the opposite of jealousy. It’s rarely talked about as one of the greatest joys of sex. Simply watching your partner confidently get off with their vibe can bring you closer and make the sexual experience 10x hotter and more pleasurable.

4. Novelty is the fuel of arousal. Remember when you are in a new relationship, how arousing it is to be around your partner? That is the power of novelty. Now that you have been together for a decade and you intimately know the sound of their chewing, finding new options in sex becomes an important key to keeping arousal hot. So why not sign up for a sexy shopping trip to check out the latest lingerie or restraints? You’ll be feeling that new relationship energy in no time!

5. If you both have the same genitalia, experience mobility issues or are simply bored with your usual missionary position, sex toys can give you the opportunity to experience different and/ or more accessible types of stimulation. A win for you and your partner!

Bottom line: embrace sex toys as companions on your road to fulfilling sexual experiences with your partner.

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About Dr. Celeste Holbrook

Many of you may know our resident sexologist, Dr. Celeste Holbrook. Whether it’s through one or many of our intimacy classes with her, or perhaps you’ve been following her incredible Instagram all along (if not, we highly recommend you give her a follow). But for those who may not know her yet, Dr. Holbrook is a sexologist, speaker, and author who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through perfectly planned mental and behavioral changes. Learn more about Celeste and her journey as a sexologist on her website at drcelesteholbrook.com.