5 New & Naughty Toys To Supercharge Your Sex Life

‘Tis the season to be naughty fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la and boy do we have some naughty new things that will make you feel really nice. We had some real trouble narrowing down the list to just 5, but these will absolutely supercharge your sex life, add some kinky spice in your sheets and generally just take your sex game to a whole other level! 

Sincerely Lace Corset Wrist Cuffs 

Sportsheets Sincerely Lace Corset Arm Cuffs Velvet Box DFW

Slowly lace your lover up in these soft corset cuffs, tightening the ribbon as you move from the wrist down the forearm. These are the perfect way to let your partner test your boundaries. The D-ring connector at the end makes this highly versatile in the sexiest way possible. Link them up to a leash, tether, spreader bar… *fans self*. Sorry, I got distracted. 

Dazzling by Elegance

While you’ve got them all tressed up, why not break out something extra stimulating like the Dazzling by Elegance? This is not your average clitoral vibe. Aside from its intense vibration, it also has a rotating bead that rotates 180 – 360 degrees and back again to stimulate every part of the clitoris. 

Icicles 61 by Pipedream

Pipedream icicles glass toy 61 glass Sex Toy velvet box daw fort worth lewisville Texas west Plano

“A glass toy? That’s terrifying! What if it breaks inside me?” I hear this all the time. But trust me, the right glass toy used just the right way will change your life! Especially a toy like this with texture and curves in all the right places. Also, glass retains temperature! So, heat it up or cool it down for an entirely different feel. As far as a toy breaking inside you, these you would have to have kegel muscles of steel! If you’d like to learn more about glass toys read our article on Why Glass

Booty Sparks Red Rose Plug

XR Brands Booty Sparks Red Rose Anal Plug Velvet Box DFW

Sleek and gorgeous, these metal plugs come in 3 different sizes and two different colors. With it’s tapered shape and weight this feels amazing for wearing out on a date or just for getting down to business.  Much like glass, metal retains temperature, so heat up or cool down and let this rose curl their toes. Don’t know the do’s and don’t of anal sex? We can help you out right here

Edge Spreader Bar by Sportsheets

Edge Spreader Bar by sportsheets velvet box dfw fort worth lewisville west plano texas

Spreader bars are one of the hottest ways to really spice up your bedroom play. Whether you hate to love or love to hate Fifty Shades of Grey there is no doubt that it inspired people to learn more about the kinkier side of sex. Discovering the magic of a spreader bar that, not only locks legs apart for easier access but keeps them apart when the pleasure is so great that your legs shake and tend involuntarily close. The Edge spreader bar expands from 28″ – 37″ and has a D-ring in the center to pair with that set of corset cuffs, regular ankle cuffs, leash or anything else that tickles your fancy. 

So, if you’re looking to really take your sex life to the next level, stop by and grab any one of these toys to add some real spice. Or grab them all for the hottest spiciest flavor combination in the bedroom! You won’t regret it! 

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