4 Naughty Toys For A Summer Of Self-lovin’

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast, met a toy perfect for me, met a toy cute as could be…”

Ok. Ok. I’ll stop. But, only because I’m about to tantalize you with some super-fun, new and naughty toys to spice up your life. (Refrains from singing Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life) 

These toys have everything! Something to put in your pocket? Check. Something to exercise with? Check. Something for her? Check. Something for him? Check. Something that works with your phone? Check. See, I told you, they have everything. Let’s just get right into it shall we? 

1. Palmpower Pocket

Palm Power Pocket Vibrator Best Vibrators For Women Velvet Box Fort Worth Lewisville Plano Texas Naughty Toys

“Small but mighty”, is a phrase that is overused. However, in this case it is the most appropriate phrase. This teensy-tiny little wand doesn’t look like much, but man, does she pack a punch! The Palmpower Pocket has multiple speeds for customizable pleasure. It is rechargeable, flexible and water resistant. It also includes this small silicone carrying case for super discreet travel options. Because we’ve all heard the TSA stories and no one wants that for you. 

2. Vector by We-Vibe

We-Vibe has done it again with this brand new prostate toy. The Vector is not only powerful with its not one, but TWO super-powered motors, it also has an adjustable shape to get your perfect pleasure. Like other We-Vibe products, Vector is app and remote capable, rechargeable and waterproof. This toy is already getting very high praise from users. 

“I don’t know if there is an award for best prostate toy. But, if there is, everyone just needs to pack it up and go home. This wins, every time.” – Vector user and Velvet Box customer

3. Malibu Minx by CalEx

Malibu Minx Rabbit California Exotics Best Vibrators For Women Velvet Box Fort Worth Lewisville Plano Texas Naughty Toys

The newest addition to the California Dreaming line, Malibu Minx is ready to show you what summer flings are all about. This little minx has 3 internal vibration speeds and 10 leg-shaking, sheet-gripping, mind-blowing, clitoral suction settings. Use internal or external features independently, or combine them both for non-stop earth-shattering orgasmic waves. She is rechargeable and waterproof making her the ultimate travel companion. To see the other naughty toys in this collection stop by and check out the entire California Dreaming line.

4. Sexercise Kegel Wand by Shots

Kegel Toy Wand Vibrator Shots America Best Vibrators For Women Velvet Box Fort Worth Lewisville Plano Texas Naughty Toys

2-in-1? Orgasms and exercise? Yep! Get the best of both worlds with this toy. This wand is not your ordinary remote controlled vibrator. The Sexercise Kegel Wand is a powerful vibrator as well as a serious kegel training system. Strategically placed sensors along the head and shaft of the wand connect to the watch to track your pelvic floor workout. Kegel training, while necessary for bladder control as well as vaginal tightness, can sometimes be boring. But when training with this bad boy, you’ll be a kegel queen in no time and have some orgasms along the way!  The Kegel Wand came to play with 10 powerful vibration modes that will knock your socks off!  With the Sexercise Kegel Wand, you really can have your cake and eat it too. 

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