3 ways to have the best sex of your life this year

It’s 2022, and if we learned anything from the prior year it’s that the dialogue around sex and sexuality has grown into one that is open, popular, and – quite frankly – the new norm. We pride ourselves on being part of a modern evolution in which there are incredible resources for individuals from every generation to grow in intimate connection and learn about their own sexuality and needs in a safe and educational way. 

If prioritizing your sex life is a part of your New Year’s Resolutions, consider this your golden ticket to experiencing sensual and intimate pleasure in your body, soul, and partnerships. From communication tools to educational classes to utilizing industry experts as a source of advice and guidance on your road to sexual exploration, here are 3 ways you can have the best sex of your life this year. 

1. Talk about sex more

Communication both in and out of the bedroom is the most important aspect when trying to build intimacy in a partnership. Start discussing the things you like and want, and the things you don’t. However, we understand that it can be difficult to break down the barrier if sex isn’t normally a topic of discussion. If you need help on where to start, explore our communication tools for inspiration!

2. Explore what sparks your curiosity

Anal? Role play? Bondage? If there’s something outside your normal sex routine that you’re wanting to explore, there is no time like the present. You deserve sexual fulfillment, and it all begins with learning about it in a safe and educational way! If you’re looking for the entryway into the discussion with your partner, skip the fathomless internet and suggest you watch one of our on-demand classes on whatever you’re wanting to explore. From Booty Basics to Get Kinky to our all encompassing Spice Things Up bundle, our classes are the perfect, anonymous setting to start diving into new experiences – together.

3. Commit to some novelty in the bedroom

A great way to start having consistently great sex is by building a routine. Scheduling sex is a good idea, and commiting to trying something new each month or so is a great one. Try a new toy or product each month and commit to integrating it into your sex life and experience the new thrills you’re yearning for! For expert knowledge on everything from lube to vibrators, come into one of our 5 DFW locations and talk to one of our amazing trained sex-perts. There’s no need to be shy, we promise.

Commit to yourself and your pleasure this year. You don’t need a reason to, but if you’re looking for one, it’s because you deserve it. 

Everyone deserves great sex, and you deserve to know what works for you. Get brave and come see us at one of our five Dallas-Fort Worth locations. We’re proud to help you.