10 Staff Favorites Under $100

Generally speaking, with sex toys, the phrase ‘You get what you pay for.’ is applicable. That $10 bullet from china that you got online, will most likely die at the most inopportune time, if it worked at all. The world of adult toys can be overwhelming. What works? What doesn’t? Were those reviews paid for? Is it a knock-off? Why is that vibrator $400!? These are all valid doubts you may have when purchasing a toy online. And while we do have several favorites in the $100-$200 range, there are quite a few new staff favorites that are well under the $100 mark. So, we narrowed it down to 10 of our staff’s favorite affordable hidden gems. This way you can get one, or build an entire bed side collection without breaking the bank.

1. Exposed Bullet $49.99 – Is it just me or do these look like the prettiest shades of lipstick that ever existed? I admit, that it was the sole reason I initially wanted to test one. However, when I took it out of the box I was truly in shock. The power was insane, even on the low setting! It truly out powers some of the higher end bullets on the market.

2. Jimmy Jane Massage Candles $29.99 – A candle that melts in to warm massage oil, that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and gross. 2 years ago I wrote this article on these babies and our customers’ obsession with them. That obsession has only grown! Pro Tip – Let this burn while you’re in the shower and pour it on freshly shaven areas for an amazing moisturizer! 

3. Pocket Pulse $89.99 – A powerful dual motored pocket stroker and the portable version of the world’s first Guybrator. The oscillating discs, give a completely unique experience unlike any other men’s toys on the market. Make waves when you try it under water. 

4. Under-bed Restraint Kit $64.99 – No need to damage a bed post or put in a red room to be tied up with this kit. The weight of the mattress holds these straps in place for some incredible fun. This kit includes two pair of ankle/wrist cuffs and can be tucked under the mattress when not in use. This is the most versatile thing on the list, as this enhances the experience of everything else. Pro Tip – Pair this with a blindfold and a massage candle for an insanely good time.

Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Suction Toy Velvet Box DFW

5. Womanizer Starlet $89.99 – Will there ever be a time when we are not raving about the Womanizer toys? Probably not. These toys changed the game and we talked all about that here. The Starlet is the Womanizer Pro’s sweet little sister. She only has 4 functions instead of 11 and fits right in the palm of your hand. Available in 3 colors this baby is perfect to throw in your bag for a sleepover. 

6. BlewIt! $74.99 – The first version of this baby sold out so fast it made our heads spin. So of course when version 2 came out, with more intense suction and faster drying time, we ordered triple the amount and sold out again. This affordable male masturbator is beautiful on the outside and an intense blow job party on the inside. You can also use your Blewit! as a phenomenal stamina trainer, to help you learn to last longer.


7. Red Hot Spark $79.99 – I mean… did you see that video? What else can I say about this? There are several insanely powerful flickering modes to drive you over the edge again and again. Furthermore, it makes a fantastic bathtub toy, as it is completely submergible.

8. Mini Plug $54.99 – $89.99 –  The Mini Plug is a perfectly petite, yet super powerful anal plug, great for beginners and experts a like. It has 20 vibrating functions and a rocker base that fits snuggly between the cheeks. Available with remote so that you can change the setting without having to be an expert level yoga master.


9. My Secret Remote Controlled Vibrating Panty  $74.99 –  First of all, as powerful as this little guy is, whatever the secret is, it won’t be staying secret much longer. Super-powered and remote controlled with a discreet ring style controller, it’s sure to make your night out a lot more interesting. If worn to the movies, I recommend pairing with a ball gag to muffle the moans as not to disrupt other movie goers. Screaming 0 has an entire line of incredible rechargeable yet affordable toys.


10. Pivot $99.99 – Screeching in right under that $100 mark, is the Pivot by We-Vibe. Frankly, with it’s super rumbly motor, recharge-ability and app capability that lets you control it near or far, we are surprised it was affordable enough to make this list at all. This has been highly reviewed by several staff members and their partners. Finally, our customers are also a huge fan of the app’s ability to control the toy even from a separate country.

This is a small sampling of the amazing and affordable toy options here at Velvet Box. Come in and check out some of the other staff favorites. Pick them up, feel them and take few home. Start a sexy time kit, or just re-vamp a stale one. Whatever spice your looking for, we’ve got something for you.

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