Tenga presents yet another innovation in male masturbation! The Tenga Flip Air is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sense provoking, engaging modern man in his most primal instinct!

Picking up the Tenga Flip Air makes you take notice of one of it’s best features. This lighter than air masturbator weighs a staggering 1.6 pounds! (As compared to the Tenga Flip Hole weighing 2.2 pounds.) The new lightweight allows for longer use without tiring. Hold on to your hats gentlemen cause this is only the beginning!

Tenga Flip technology allows for it to easily be cleaned and maintained. Air takes this ingenuity to the next level with it’s new side opening. Opening this marvel also lets you see just what’s happening inside your masturbator, letting you feel as well as see the sensation!

The list keeps going! As with the Tenga Flip Hole, the Tenga Flip Air is airtight, and airtight has gotten even better! The two buttons located on the outside of Tenga Air allow you to push the air from the unit. Close and you can see clear to the back of the masturbator. Once closed, press the buttons on your Tenga Air and feel the soft material fit snugly around you creating a natural suction. Can your current masturbator say that?

What do we love? That masturbation is always getting better! Tenga took us to the brink with the Flip Hole and it is continuing to improve upon it’s perfection, allowing men to reach new heights of satisfaction!