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Store batteries outside the vibrator; both the vibrator and the batteries will last longer. By removing batteries when the vibrator is not in use, you will also avoid accidentally leaving the vibrator on. Keep the working parts of the vibrator out of water to prevent corrosion of metal parts, unless you know it is waterproof. Clean it by wiping with a cloth moistened with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.

If there is a cord between the battery pack and the vibrator, do not tug on the cord. When inserting a toy that must be retrieved by its cord, please put it into a condom first; then simply retrieve it by pulling out the condom. Using a condom also ensures a clean surface to insert each time.

When storing your favorite device, make sure they are not touching each other. Use a cloth or piece of fabric to separate them so that the integrity of the material is not compromised.



Lubricant is more a sex essential than a sex toy. Personal lubricant enhances every sexual activity. It’s a myth that every woman’s natural vaginal lubrication is a reliable indicator of her level of arousal. A bottle of water-based lube by the bed is a simple solution to the problem of desire outlasting natural lubrication. Safe and more enjoyable condom use also requires lube. Household oil, even if edible, should never be used. Lube simply makes everything go more smoothly!

Lube comes in three varieties—water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Pay attention to your body and it will tell you what lube agrees with you best.

See how lubricant is essential and can make your playtime more fun!


Water-based lube makes up the largest portion of lubricant available on the market and is compatible with all sex toys. Most water-based lubes contain purified water, glycerin (provides slipperiness), preservatives and occasionally artificial flavoring. After some use, lubes with glycerin will become sticky because the water portion of the lube has evaporated. You can rehydrate the skin as lubricant starts to dry by keeping a small water bottle nearby. A cool mist of water helps to reactivate the lubricant and also feels great. The mist can be quite sensual, adding to the overall experience. The best way to find the lube that suits you is to pick up a variety of little lube samples and compare!


Silicone-based lube lasts far longer than the average sexual encounter and works with condoms as well. Silicone lube does not get absorbed into the skin. It’s composed of molecules larger than those of water, and those molecules skate on top of the skin, creating a layer of slickness second to none. Because silicone lube does not contain water, it virtually never dries out and is great for water play. Warm water and soap works best for clean up. If used internally, the body will eliminate it by natural means.

Silicone lubricant is incompatible with silicone toys. When the two touch, a chemical change occurs, rendering the toy eternally gummy. Also take care not to get silicone lube on sheets, as it will stain. There are new hybrid lubes on the market that have the features of both water and silicone-based lubricants without the staining properties.


Hybrid lubricants feature a new technology that infuses small amount of silicone into a water-based formula. These hybrids last much longer than a typical water-based lubricant and they do not tend to be sticky. They are also thicker which gives added cushion for more “rigorous” activities. These are great lubricants whether used for foreplay, intercourse, or even massage. While some will rinse away with water, washing with gentle soap and warm water may be necessary.

Generally, these hybrids are safe for use with silicone toys but we do recommend doing a small patch test on your toys to be sure the one you are using does not react with the silicone toy. Hybrids will usually wash out of your sheets with regular detergent. If you experience any staining, use an oxygen powder detergent to remove it.


Oil-based lubes are for male masturbation only. Oil of any kind destroys latex and is not safe to use with condoms. Oil lubricant will change the pH balance of the vagina, encouraging bacteria growth and a climate for infection. There is no need to use oil-based lube with a partner at all.


For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, doing some simple exercises could help. First developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen bladder control, Kegel exercises also help to keep the vagina tight after childbirth and during sex. To do Kegel exercises begin by identifying your PC muscle. The next time you need to urinate, try to stop the flow, hold it, then start the flow as many times as you can. The PC muscle is the only muscle that can accomplish this. Once you have identified it, you no longer need to urinate in order to exercise it. There are a number of “fitness” tools available to help you exercise the PC muscle.

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The G-spot is an area of spongy tissue located on the front wall of the vagina, surrounding the urethra. Some people can have orgasms with direct stimulation of this area, and G-spot stimulation may result in ejaculation of fluid through the urethra. This fluid is not urine, but is produced by glands located around the urethra.

Not everyone that has this urethral sponge or G-spot will respond in the same way to its stimulation. (Some people find their G-spot feels no different from other parts of the vaginal barrel). Experiment!


Relaxation is a prerequisite for enjoyable anal play. Take the time to relax your sphincter muscle before inserting anything. You can never use enough lube! Tease yourself slowly, massaging the lubricant around and into yourself. Maintain steady breathing, and when you’re ready, exhale and begin to slide your finger in. Maintain a relaxed pace. If anything hurts or causes your muscles to tense up, slow down, stop moving, or stop altogether. Never use lubricant that contains benzocaine or any other numbing agents because they will mask your body’s signals.

All toys should be smooth and seamless. You should also make sure there is no way to lose hold of whatever is going in. Anything intended for anal play should have a flared base, so that even if you let go, it won’t slip away from you.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance. The simplest and most convenient approach to keeping toys clean is to put a condom on your toy every time you play. Refrain from putting toys in vaginal area or switching back and forth, as this can cause spread of bacteria.


Cock rings are used to restrict blood flow out of the penis, creating a sensation of tightness and pressure that many men find pleasurable. Although some men find that wearing a cock ring can make erections firmer or longer lasting, it is not advised to use a cock ring to “cure” erectile difficulties without first consulting a physician. Because there are individual anatomical differences, fit will vary from person to person. Cock rings come in all shapes and materials and you will have to experiment to find what is right for you. Adjustable ones are great for beginners. Do not wear them for any longer than they are comfortable. There are also a variety of vibrating cock rings that are pleasurable to use with a partner.

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Penis pumps are hard-plastic cinders that fit over the penis and create a vacuum using suction. They are used to help men get an erection or simulate oral sex. Pumps are not medical devices used for penis enlargement or a cure for erection difficulties. Pumps can be used to provide sensation to the penis, nipples or clitoris. The pump creates a vacuum around the body party on which it is placed and draws blood into the area. The body part will swell slightly as a result of the increased blood flow to the area. This size change is temporary. It is recommended that you limit pumping to no longer than 20 minutes, twice a week.


Silicone retains body heat, is non-porous and one of the best materials available. Clean silicone toys with toy compatible cleansers and make sure they are dry before putting them away. A silicone toy that doesn’t contain a motor can be boiled or put in the top rack of a dishwasher to disinfect. Do not use silicone lube with a silicone toy or store your toy near other silicone toys. It will eventually cause the material to break down and shorten the life span of your toy.


Condoms are made from latex, polyurethane or lambskin. Most are latex, which traps sperm as well as the bacteria and viruses that cause sexually transmitted diseases. Use only latex or polyurethane condoms. Natural skin (lamb intestine) condoms are not effective barriers to viruses. There are a large amount of brands and varieties of condoms on the market. Fortunately they are cheap and widely available. One of the biggest complaints from men is that they reduce sensation. A condom with a good design and fit can make the experience more pleasurable. Get a variety to try and see what works best for you.